2019 CSA

Now accepting applications for our limited number of 2019 CSA shares! 
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CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) 
This is a program in which shareholders invest in the farm early in the season in exchange for a share of the harvest bounty later in the year.
This year we are running an 18 week CSA program (starting June 15 and going until October 5) in which shareholders will receive a selection of fresh organic produce each week.  The total cost for this program is $500.  We also offer a half share option for $275.  If you elect the half share option you will pick up a full-sized share every other week (9 weeks total).
Because we are currently in the process of expanding our farm, we do not have the opportunity to grow everything that we would like to provide in our CSA shares.  To solve this problem and to provide the best possible CSA experience to all of our shareholders, we have partnered with more than five other farms in and around the Front Range.  We’ll have honey from a bee farm in Boulder, long season crops like winter squash, onion, broccoli and pumpkin coming from other local vegetable farms, mushrooms from a farm in Denver, fruit coming in from the Front Range and more.  We feel that offering this diversity in our shares not only creates a much more exciting weekly pickup for our shareholders, but it also works towards our mission of “Building Community Through Food.”  This partnership strengthens the relationship between local food producers and it also provides consumers with more information about other farms and agricultural providers in their area.
The shares will fluctuate each week depending on what is in harvest and may be larger or smaller depending on the time of season.
We grow all of our vegetables using organic practices and from non-gmo seed. We use low till techniques, vermicompost and traditional compost practices and cover crop rotations to improve our soil. We do not spray ANYTHING and fertilize using compost teas, worm castings and other natural practices.  We operate under the “Colorado Proud” business certification and alongside the NRCS.
Our CSA shares are limited and sold out in under a month last season.  Contact us right away to get one reserved for your family before they’re all gone!