Meet the Family!

“Building Community Through Food.”


The Fleischer Family Farm is an urban farm in Lakewood, Colorado  that strives to provide opportunities for the local community to source delicious nutrient-rich produce, cage-free eggs, honey and other cottage food items produced without the use of pesticides or synthetics.  Through environmentally respectful practices, the family works tirelessly to be a community provider of quality farm products and to act as an inspiration for continued education in knowing the life cycle of your food.

826C678E-F8D3-4305-BCC2-B904B7AF2E7FPaul Fleischer the co-owner and farmer, previously worked as a high school agricultural education teacher in the community and cultivates the land on his property alongside his wife and co-owner, Chelsie.  She too works an off farm job as a medical researcher and is the farm’s business manager.  Chelsie and Paul have two young children Holden and Monroe.  Started as a home garden to provide real food for their growing family, the Fleischer Family Farm quickly grew into an LLC providing the same high-quality goods to their local community through a CSA (community supported agriculture) program and farm stand.

The Fleischer Family Farm operates under the “Colorado Proud” business certification and works closely with the NRCS to assure the most environmentally sustainable methods are in place on their farm.  FFF uses low till practices and cover crop rotations along with vermicompost and traditional compost methods to amend and improve the quality of their land.  No pesticides or synthetic fertilizers are used on the farm and all of their produce is grown from non-GMO seed.  Companion planting, high-intensity agricultural practices and the introduction of beneficial insects into the farm, have all worked together to create a truly symbiotic ecosystem that produces the most high-quality foods possible.


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