Spring has Sprung

This is just a way for me (Chelsie) to test out the website and make sure things are posting correctly.  In doing that, I can give you all a small update on the busy-ness going on here.  Mondays are often our designated “farm work” night, even though the work is a daily occurrence.  On Mondays we get into the heavier items like grant opportunities, volunteer day planning, QuickBooks nonsense, and my new favorite….. Paul going through a week’s worth of his own voice memos.  He randomly records his bright ideas throughout the day so he can get the genius onto paper later.  So far about 80% of them are recorded on his nightly walks with the Dharma-girl, when his mind is racing and Dharma refuses to take good notes.  The little snippets include Paul mumbling into his phone phrases like “REMINDER: talk to Chelsie about being a scientist.”  Umm, what?  And it is made even more hilarious with the subtle click, click, click of Dharma’s nails on the sidewalk in the background.  Other recordings are obviously done while he’s in the back of a quiet classroom, resulting in a whispered, low tone…. “REMINDER: buy masking tape.”  I can’t see these getting old any time soon.

In other news- seeds are sprouting in the grow room, the birds are popping out almost a dozen eggs a day, and the H-man is pumped for his buddies to come visit on volunteer day.  See you then!

Upcoming Chicken Keeping Class.

Have you ever wanted to keep a few chickens in your back yard but were just too intimidated by taking on the responsibility? Maybe you have one too many questions about the process and feel unprepared. This class aims to provide interested parties with the knowledge they’ll need to start their own backyard flock. Topics such as the basics about chickens, coop preparation, food, supplements/treats, choosing the right bird, health issues and more will be covered in this two hour course led by your local farmer. So don’t sit on the sideline any longer. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn about keeping chickens and start producing your own fresh eggs daily. Participants can look forward to spending a few hours at a local urban farm, getting hands on experience with birds and tours of the coop and will each walk away with a couple of farm fresh eggs to try at home for themselves plus a number of different resources on books, documentaries, and chicken sourcing farms.

When: Saturday, April 7th, 1:30-3:30 PM

Where: At the Farm
What to Bring:
Something to take notes with and since you’re giving up a beautiful sunny afternoon on your weekend, feel free to BYOB and share a few drinks with your new friends as we all share in a great learning experience.

What’s Provided:
A syllabus containing class notes and a plethora of resources for you as you start your chicken keeping journey. Farm-Fresh Eggs to take home and there will be a drawing where 2 students will walk away with a booklet on beginning chicken keeping

Send us a message through the Contact page to reserve your spot today!download

We’ve finally made it!

Well….at least to the back page of a Denver only publication.  But here we are!