Seeds for inspiration

Another whirlwind of a week… This Saturday’s chicken keeping class was our largest yet at 15 registrants!  And as far as we could tell it was another success.  There were a lot of great questions and positive feedback.  If we missed you this time, keep checking back in the coming months as we might have another one in the works depending on how busy the beginning of the season goes.

We love seeing fellow community members becoming more involved in where their food comes from.  This will never ever be a bad thing.  A range of folks are reaching out to us to learn about farming and chicken keeping and it feeds our own momentum.  Seeing the excitement in others’ faces when they realize that they can raise chickens on their own or that they can grow their own beautiful tomatoes makes it all worth while.  Certainly, at times, having two full-time jobs is overwhelming on top of keeping the family in line.  Because of the way the world works, this is unfortunately quite common for families.  We all have to maintain the hustle just to float.  But this farm is more than that, and Paul and I sometimes need to remind ourselves just what is at stake.  We’re young parents and business owners in an increasingly terrifying world.  But with every planting lesson and chicken wellness check that we do with our children, we are arming them for life.  As they see us put work into making sure we know where our food comes from, their little sponge brains absorb it all up.  They will understand recycling and composting as a necessity.  They will see water for the precious and valuable life-source that it is.  They will feel the wonder of watching tiny seedlings morph into towering squash blossoms, and become mystified by the hums and rhythms of the honeybees coming and going from the hive.  All this, Paul reminded me, is our way of arming our kids for the complications of life.  It’s giving them an early and thorough understanding of food, nutrition, hard work, and the sometimes tragic circle of life.  This is what we have to offer them, if nothing else.  And it’s also our way of f*cking sticking it to the man 🙂

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