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Farm Shirt Fundraiser

Hi all – short and sweet post here.  We’re back to the hustle after a relaxing and much-needed vacation.  This Pisces needed the ocean to reset my core.  Paul tried his hardest to visit some Georgia blueberry farms while we were there but their… Continue Reading “Farm Shirt Fundraiser”

“I wanna tell you three things…. about bugs”

…..a direct quote, courtesy of Holden. Thing one about bugs: Male honeybees don’t have stingers. Holden educated us on the matter as we all hovered around a honeybee whose services were no longer needed inside the hive.  (check our instagram for the video).  A… Continue Reading ““I wanna tell you three things…. about bugs””

Read Me :-)

We are constantly amazed at the generous, kind, and passionate people that surround us.  This is such an understatement.  To paint a picture… we had volunteers show up early on a Saturday morning, in the snow, eager to get to work with smiling faces. … Continue Reading “Read Me :-)”

Planning and Planting

Whoooooo’s excited for volunteer day next week?  This is our biggest one yet and Paul is so wound up about it that he just paces in the evenings, mumbling to himself about the potential amount of awesomeness that will be completed in just one… Continue Reading “Planning and Planting”

Seeds for inspiration

Another whirlwind of a week… This Saturday’s chicken keeping class was our largest yet at 15 registrants!  And as far as we could tell it was another success.  There were a lot of great questions and positive feedback.  If we missed you this time,… Continue Reading “Seeds for inspiration”