Read Me :-)

We are constantly amazed at the generous, kind, and passionate people that surround us.  This is such an understatement.  To paint a picture… we had volunteers show up early on a Saturday morning, in the snow, eager to get to work with smiling faces.  You guys really showed up.  You brought food (shout out to Patricia ad CJ).  You shared laughs.  You corralled the kids. You worked hard!  We got sooooo much accomplished; we are thrilled and eternally grateful.  Jay-baby got some really great shots – you may have seem a bunch on FB already.  We’ll try to get some more up for your viewing pleasure.

Volunteer day round 2 is coming up this Saturday – we have another fine group of people coming to help that we are very excited about.  GreenPeace is representing!

This week’s update is short and sweet.  Sorry guys.  As many of you know it’s the middle of health fair season at work #1, and it’s the middle of planting and land procurement season at work #2 and we feel tired.

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