Planning and Planting

Whoooooo’s excited for volunteer day next week?  This is our biggest one yet and Paul is so wound up about it that he just paces in the evenings, mumbling to himself about the potential amount of awesomeness that will be completed in just one day.  In all honesty, we truly are grateful for the support we are already receiving this year from established and new faithful followers.  Volunteers are excited and bringing their friends with them, bringing food along, and so generously even offering to watch the Fleischer kids while the work gets done.  Each piece that we put into this place is held together by the volunteers and customers.  Thank you forever and ever.

In other news…. a whole bunch of yummy went into the ground this weekend: radishes, spinach, carrots, peas, beets, turnips, cilantro, parsley, nasturtium flowers, zinnia BEESflowers, bak choy, swiss chard, and lettuce.  Just to name a few.  Monroe also decided it was best to plant her peanut butter and jelly sand which in the blue planter on the patio.  It really gets the best sun – nice choice Mo.  #whyiseverythingsticky

Paul also worked the hive on Saturday and was pleased to report plenty of growth.  We got some cool shots of the babies popping out and some workers flying in with substantial pollen patties on their legs.

And lastly- big shout out to Atlas Cat for killing and displaying another rat.  One less alive trying to steal all of the chicken eggs.  RIP poor rat.

See ya soon!

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